Querri uses AI to clean and analyze data to help optimize complex and manual processes across the supply chain. Predictive analytics enables better demand forecasting and inventory management.

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Bring your spreadsheets to life with interactive visualizations

Querri can:

  • ✓ Take messy data, clean it up
  • ✓ Turn addresses into latitude & longitude coordinates, mapping them out with an interactive interface
  • ✓ Analyze your data to optimize shipping lanes,  delivery routes and ultimately profit
Interactive Map of the World

Demand forecasting and inventory management

Querri's Natural Language Processing and data analysis capabilities can ingest raw data from a variety of sources and automatically build out models based on the data given.

This makes it easier to analyze past demands across a wide range of conditions and predict future needs for inventory, seasonal workers, replacement parts and more.

number of items sold by date

Improve costs & timing across different shipping methods and shippers

Querri can use its data exploration and visualization tools to uncover patterns and help you understand the relationships between time needed and costs across various shipping methods.

By typing your questions in natural language, you can ask Querri anything related to your data and it can visualize the answers.

On Time Delivery Performance

Why Querri?

Simple ways to do hard


Talk to your data through a chat interface and watch it transform in a spreadsheet view.

Reliable, repeatable data


Clean, merge, and analyze once. Then set up your data workflows to run on your schedule.

Designed for humans, not


It’s not a black box. See an explanation of the data workflows behind every Querri.

Get talking with your data now