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Querri lets you clean, move, and explore your data with natural language. We use AI and large language models (LLMs) to make your requests just happen.

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Which suppliers have the lowest average cost for motor parts?

Use natural languages to do more with your data

Familiar spreadsheets,
surprising ease

Clean and move your data in a
spreadsheet format without
complex formulas or pivot tables

No need to structure
your data

Explore and analyze your data
without ETL, data engineering,
or data science projects

Answer new business

Bring the power of Generative AI / LLMs and data science straight to your data to classify, summarize, and analyze it in new ways

Explore some of the many things you can Querri

Easily clean, integrate, merge, and migrate data without complicated spreadsheets that break every time you use them.
Loop over every row and set the region to NA, EMEA, JAPAC or LATAM, then compare quarter-on-quarter sales performance by region and product line for 2022
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Get clean marketing data without installing even more marketing tools.
Create target segments based on the job titles and reason to buy from last year’s won deals.
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Dive deep into your customer data to boost satisfaction, reduce churn, and foster enduring relationships.
Identify the top 10% of customers by revenue from the past year and analyze their health and sentiment by support ticket.
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Answer questions from your CRM, HR, and other data before you have time for the hefty systems integration.
Join together employee.xlsx and Employees-data-dump.csv. Loop over each row and categorize employee as "IC", "Manager", "Senior Manager" based on the role, title and job description fields.
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Join data, find trends in stock and sales, and plan discounts, moving stock faster and increasing margins.
Which products in the bottom 10% of sales are in my top 20% of stock? Build a customer list of past purchases of those products.
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Find efficiencies and cost savings buried in your data, no matter how many systems or spreadsheets it's in.
Tell me lead times on Supplier A vs Supplier B for the past six month period. Compare that against the previous six months and draw graphs to compare.
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