The Simplest Way to Talk with Your Data.

Querri provides the simplest way to clean, combine, analyze, and move data by asking questions in natural language — using AI to put messy data to work.

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What is the range of prices on all engine parts from my top 3 suppliers?

Querri puts your data to work, in natural language

Conversations instead of
code and clicks

AI brings conversations you would have
with data scientists and data engineers
into a simple chat interface

Familiar spreadsheets,
unfamiliar ease

Querri looks like a spreadsheet
but behind the scenes, it acts like a data
integration and analysis tool.

Automate your data

Querri lets you build reproducible data pipelines that clean, combine, and process data from many sources.

Explore some of the many things you can Querri

Gain insight into your plant floor and supply chain operations by joining and analyzing your disparate data sources.
"Join together the thermal, vibration and ultrasonic readings with maintenance records for the XL-73 then predict the next failure date."
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Navigate a sea of spreadsheets, ERPs and databases to gain a clear picture of where everything is, so you can get it to where it's going.
"Tell me lead times on Supplier A vs Supplier B for the past six month period. Compare that against the previous six months and draw graphs to compare."
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Spend less time cleaning and combing through data, so you can write better estimates, and spend more time delivering projects on time and on budget.
"In our last 10 hotel projects, what was the average cost per square foot for concrete?"
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Secure more projects faster by pitching new projects based on past performance.
"Show me my top 10 projects and top 5 resumes that best match the following project description _____________"
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Easily clean, integrate, merge, and migrate data from both spreadsheets and CRMs
"Loop over every row and set the region to NA, EMEA, JAPAC or LATAM, then compare quarter-on-quarter sales performance by region and product line for 2023"
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Get talking with your data now

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