We Are Querri

And we’re here to help you to do more with your data. We’re building a new kind of data platform that uses the latest advances in AI and large language models to allow anyone to “speak data” and use it to run their business.

We believe in


Asking the right questions is your most important data skill. 


Data is complicated enough! The tools should be intuitive.

Data literacy

Understanding data is within anyone's reach


Software should be transparent, not automagic.
Our mission

Our mission with Querri is to give people the power to work with data on their own, regardless of their current skills or expertise. If data can drive a better decision or bring a new business process to life, we want Querri to be there. We’ve placed simplicity above all else: Everything is a conversation.

We’ve lived through tough data problems

Meet Dave, our founder

Dave Ingram is an experienced product strategist and data enthusiast who has led product teams at software startups and the Fortune 100. Dave has been thinking about how to make data easier to work with for over a decade, and when LLMs emerged, he immediately saw the opportunity that has become Querri.

Our advisors

We’re grateful to the seasoned leaders who share our passion for data problems and are helping us realize our mission.

Christopher Stone

Investor, Board Member
Former Oracle/Acquia

Lisa Joy Rosner

Marketing Advisor
Former Oracle/Neustar

Brian Gillespie

Legal Counsel
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough

Tom Schipper

Chief Financial Officer
Former Volvo / British Telecom

Let’s talk about data

We want to help you put your data to work so your business can thrive.

Messy data? Even better.