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Just start asking your data questions. We’ll do the work of a data scientist and a data engineer — but through an intuitive chat interface.

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Ingest and Move

Querri ingests data from virtually anywhere — even datasets with hundreds of thousands of rows. Use built-in connectors or import data from a spreadsheet or CSV.  Export processed data with a single command.
Connect your data


Quickly identify missing values, duplicate fields, and correlations within your data. Querri automatically visualizes an exploratory data analysis. Build on it  by asking more questions.


Merge similar fields, standardize values, and eliminate duplication by giving instructions. Uncover and remove invalid data. Use general knowledge from AI to fill in data like geographic regions or age brackets. 
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Combine and Enrich

Pull together datasets from many different places and analyze them in a simple, spreadsheet-like view. Just tell Querri how to map fields between your datasets.
Join Warehouse


As you ask questions of your data, Querri guides you on how to refine your analysis. It looks at your questions from multiple angles and shows you results based on alternative prompts. 

It also suggests follow-on questions for you to ask — even ones you haven’t thought of.




Easily pivot and group data, create a wide variety of visualizations, perform statistical modeling, sentiment and other text analysis, and more. No specialized knowledge needed:  Just ask your questions, and Querri will select the right methods to get you answers. 


Create summaries by row or column, including formulas and calculations joined across multiple data sources. Uncover the key themes or ideas in unstructured text. 


Querri makes each step in your data workflows visible so that you can follow a logical progression of refining your questions. A visual flowchart allows you to see exactly how you’ve processed your data. An Explain button digs deep into the steps.
Data Flow


Once you have finished refining your analysis, cleaning task, or data manipulation, schedule it to run on a regular basis. Create a data pipeline with defined ingestion sources, processing steps, and destinations. 


Share your Querri projects with your team, with view-only or edit rights, so they can help you refine your analysis and automations. 


Gain full control over which data is accessible to which people and teams at specific steps in your data pipeline. Sharing and automation work together to enable your organization to share exactly the right data at the right time.
Oh, and your data is yours: We don’t use it to train our models or monetize our business.
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Need to go further than Querri's native data handling? Capabilities can be extended through custom integrations, organization-specific LLM fine-tuning, or industry-specific data tools.

Just reach out out and let's talk!
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Recent innovations in Generative AI like large language models allow us to think
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